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Amos Vryhof

Many of you alreay know me, and have been working with me at times throughout the past 10 years.  I was the webmaster, and IT manager for HolsteinWorld and DairyBusiness.  Even if I didn't personally build your website, I was always in the background making it tick. 

With HolsteinWorld and DairyBusiness getting out of the Internet Hosting business, you need a new place for your website to call home, and someone to take care of transitioning it for you as well as making sure it still works after that transition. I'm here to help.

Vryhof Research is my company, and I have set up web hosting services that are 100% compatible with what your website is currently being hosted on. I have less overhead than HosteinWorld, and don't pre-charge for website updates. This means your web hosting will cost less, and over the course of the year, updates will cost less for most customers.

I also have a solid website content management system that will allow you to update the information on your website on your own.  This takes out the middle-man, and saves you on updates, since you aren't paying hourly for someone else to do them.

This service is fully endorsed by HolsteinWorld and DairyBusiness, so get in touch today, and we can get your website moved over.

If you currently have a Domain Website ( I can transition you to my standard web hosting service.  Sudomain websites ( will become subdomains of ( I am also working closely with HolsteinWorld to make it so the old address will forward to the new address, so people who have your website bookmarked will still be able to find their way to it.

Watch for more exciting products from Vryhof Research in the future. I want to give you the ability to mark your website as updated, share classification updates, photos, sales, shows, and other updates in one central location.

Stay Tuned!


Amos Vryhof
Owner / Vryhof Research

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